Morning Wake Up Call With Dave Daniels

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The Commuter Quiz

If you missed this morning’s or any of the past Commuter Quizzes and answers,this is where you’ll find them.


Q:  60% of people owned one of these as a kid and maybe some of us still use one. What is it?”

A:  A jump rope


Q: 40% of men have never had this done because they are scared of going to the doctor. What is it?


A: Had their cholesterol levels tested



Q:  Most Americans WILL do this before 11 am. What?

A:   Curse

Q:  Almost 1/3 adults have never visited this in their community, what’s the answer?

A:  Neighbor’s house.

Q- 80% of women say a date, who does this is a true gentleman. What is it?

A:  Turn off their phone

CQ: Kids Say this is the #1 old saying they hate hearing most?

A:    Money doesn’t grow on trees




CQ: A Little over 50% of Women say they do this MUCH better than their husbands?

A:    Mowing the lawn

Q: In the last 10 years, sales of these have increased over 40%. What?
A: Ukuleles

CQ: Impossible Trivia Question:  This Summer Americans Will Use 45 Million Pounds of What?              A:    Marshmallows

CQ: 22% of men have not gone on a second date with a woman because of this. What ?’

A:     Didn’t like the way she smelled (perfume)

Q: The average person does this almost 1,500 times a year.

A: Dreams

CQ: In the late 60’s, 50% of kids did this daily. Today it’s about 15%…

A: Walk to school!

CQ: According to a new survey, This is the most popular summer vacation activity….?

A: Shopping!

CQ: Your cousin from the south tells you he’s bringing Arkansas wedding cake to your Super Bowl potluck. What’s he bringing? What is it?

A: Cornbread

CQ: In a recent survey, almost 60 percent of people surveyed said when this happens it boosts their mood immediately.

A:   Finding money in your pocket you didn’t know you had

CQ: 25% of people have done this while drinking. What is it?”

A:   Eaten a tequila worm while drinking

CQ:The average person will eat 12,542 of these over the course of their life. What is it?”

A: slices of bread

Q:  According to Facebook, THIS is the MOST POSTED food item.  What is it?
A:  Shrimp

CQ: The average person spends a combined 5.8 days a year doing this at home. What is it?”

A:    doing dishes by hand

CQ:  One in ten kids were grossed out by this as kids, and are still grossed out by it as adults. What is it?

A: Their parents kissing

CQ: The average person will eat 3,135 of these over the course of their life. What is it?”


CQ:THIS will happen to around 90% of people at least once in their life. What?

A:  Get in a car accident

Q: Most men say THIS makes our food taste better. What is it?
A: When it is served by an attractive waitress

CQ: At least 4 towns in the U.S. claim to be the “Capital of the world for this”… What?

A; Popcorn

CQ: 38% of women say this is the most stressful thing about going on vacation. What is it?”

A:  swimsuit shopping

CQ: This is the #1 simple change in your life that gives incredible great results. What?

A: Learning to say “No”

CQ: 4 out 10 Households have these tucked away somewhere in the kitchen.

A:    Chopsticks

CQ: 25% of women say this is unattractive on a man. What?

A: Excessive muscles

CQ: This is best at dusk and dawn but worst at 2pm according to a new study?

A: Your eyesight

CQ: People who do THIS are 8 times more likely to be late for an appointment than people who don’t?

A: Set their watches ahead 5 or more minutes

CQ: A recent survey shows 6% of dads want this for Father’s Day. What?

A: An Electric Shaver or Razor

CQ: 40% of woman have done it.  Done what?

A:    Thrown a shoe at a man

CQ: 11% of american adults do not do this. What?

A: use the internet

CQ: According to a recent survey, almost 90% of people would give up coffee, chocolate and booze before they would give this up…..

A: cheese

CQ: Less than 20% of American homes do NOT have one of these

A: A welcome mat

CQ: On an average Monday, the average person will do this for more than 35 minutes.  What?

A:   Complaining


A Very Busy April, but very rewarding!

The past month has been a whirl wind, from KHAY fest with Luke Combs and Ashley McBryde to winning the ACM Small market Personality of the Year and going to Vegas to receive it with my General Manager Sommer Frisk and Program Director Chris Cox and let’s not forget Stagecoach! Check it out!




Thanks for for being a part of KHAYfest! A great day of Country Music and fun! Luke Combs and Ashley McBrye rocked it as did our friends Highway Star! Look forward to seeing you next year!









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Dave Daniels

Dave Daniels

The 2018 Academy of Country Music Small Market Personality! It’s a great honor to be recognized for the work we do on air and around our community. We have only been here a short time in Ventura County, taking up residence in Camarillo. My wife and I are starting to find our favorite places to…

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