Jason Aldean Set to Release Double Album – Macon, Georgia

Jason Aldean is set to release a double album called Macon, Georgia with the first volume, Macon, arriving November 12th.

Jason shared, “I’m excited to announce my 10th studio album ‘Macon, Georgia.’ First 15 songs coming to your speakers November 12th, and the whole double album will be out April 22nd”

Talking about the new project, Jason says, “Where you were raised has such a big influence on who you become and for me it’s no different…especially from a music standpoint.”

He adds, “My little hometown of Macon was heavily instrumental in my musical background. Growing up in an environment that was a crossroads between Country music, Southern rock, blues and R&B, it was just natural to blend different sounds in my on way.”

Macon includes Jason’s hit duet with Carrie Underwood, “If I Didn’t Love You,” along with 9 other new studio tracks, and 5 live versions of fans favorites, “Amarillo Sky,” “Johnny Cash,” “She’s Country,” “Big Green Tractor,” & “My Kinda Party.”

Macon track list:

  1. “After You”
  2. “Over You Again”
  3. “That’s What Tequila Does”
  4. “Small Town Small”
  5. “If I Didn’t Love You”
  6. “Story For Another Glass”
  7. “Heaven”
  8. “This Bar Don’t Work Anymore”
  9. “The Sad Songs”
  10. “Watching You Love Me”
  11. “Amarillo Sky” (Live from Nashville, TN)
  12. “Johnny Cash” (Live from Los Angeles, CA)
  13. “She’s Country” (Live from Las Vegas, NV)
  14. “Big Green Tractor” (Live from Dallas, TX)
  15. “My Kinda Party” (Live from St. Louis, MO)

The second collection of songs, Georgia, is due out April 22nd 2022. It also includes 10 studio tracks, with 5 songs recorded live.

Georgia track list:

  1. “Whiskey Me Away”
  2. “Trouble With A Heartbreak”
  3. “The State I’m In”
  4. “Midnight And Missin’ You”
  5. “Ain’t Enough Cowboy”
  6. “God Made Airplanes”
  7. “My Weakness”
  8. “Holy Water”
  9. “Rock And Roll Cowboy”
  10. “Your Mama”
  11. “Take a Little Ride” (Live from Las Vegas, NV)
  12. “Burnin’ It Down” (Live from St. Louis, MO)
  13. “Any Ol’ Barstool” (Live from Knoxville, TN)
  14. “Rearview Town” (Live from St. Louis, MO)
  15. “Blame It On You” (Live from Manchester, TN)

When combined, Macon, Georgia will provide Jason’s fans with 30 tracks to listen to – the first 15 songs can be pre-ordered here here.

Jason Aldean and Carrie Underwood’s “If I Didn’t Love You” is now a Top-5 (and climbing) hit for the two country super stars.

Photo Courtesy of Jason Aldean


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