Brett Eldredge Takes the Stairs to Make It a Good Day

Brett Eldredge Takes the Stairs to Make It a Good Day

We all have our fears that affect the things we do…for Brett Eldredge, one of those fears is riding in elevators.

Brett even had to face that fear head on, when one time he did take an elevator — and it stopped.

Brett shares the story, “If I don’t have to ride an elevator, I won’t. I kind of have a fear of small spaces as it is, but one time I got stuck in an elevator with like six other people. It’s actually online you can watch it on Youtube, but I started playing my guitar and I was pretending I wasn’t sweating and thought I was going to die. But definitely a fear of elevators.”

Brett wasn’t kidding – check out his stuck in an elevator performance right here…

Even though he emerged from that experience safely – it did nothing to alleviate his fears, “I don’t know if I’ll ever got over my fear of elevators, once you’ve been stuck in one once and you’ve watched the video of the guy that was stuck in it for 48 hours on Youtube, you will never get over the fear of elevators. So I think this going to be something I’m always stuck with. So if you see me in an elevator just tell me to stay calm, we can mediate, do whatever give me a pep talk, ‘we only have five more floors to go Brett, lets do this.’ I hate elevators.”

While there’s no love lost for elevators – Brett is super excited to be heading back on the road for his Good Day tour!

Brett and Morgan Evans kick things off in September in Cleveland, Ohio…


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As you see from the dates, next Spring, Brett will be heading to Europe. For fans that can’t make the trek, Brett’s giving you a virtual experience of what his overseas shows are like with his Live From Europe EP.

The 4 track collection includes, “Magnolia”…

“Crowd My Mind”

“Love Someone”

and his current single “Good Day”

For more info about the Live From Europe EP, the Good Day tour, and all other things Brett Eldredge – head to his website

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