In Case You Missed It – Country Music Took the Stage at Stagecoach 2022

In Case You Missed It – Country Music Took the Stage at Stagecoach 2022

Stagecoach Festival 2022 provided another awesome line-up of artists who took the stage and wow’ed the crowd with great performance after great performance.

Carrie Underwood lived a dream in front of the Stagecoach crowd when she got to sing with Axl Rose.

Breland took the crowd to church with “Praise The Lord”

Speaking of Thomas Rhett – the Friday night headliner sang his number-one hit “What’s Your Country Song”

Tanya Tucker brought “Some Kind Of Trouble” to the crowds at Stagecoach…

Midland sang their song “The Last Resort”

Lainey Wilson was at Stagecoach 2022 singing “Straight Up Sideways” from her 2021 album “Sayin’ What I’m Thinkin'”

HARDY used some NSFW language to rile up the Stagecoach crowd for his performance of “Boots.”

After chasing one another – Ryan Hurd and Maren Morris made sure to “Pass It On”…

Reyna Roberts sang her song “Raised Right” at Stagecoach Festival 2022

Travis Denning played his number-one song “After A Few”

Neal McCoy broke his 90s classic “The Shake” to Stagecoach 2022.

One of the unexpected moments at Stagecoach 2022 involved actor Ashton Kutcher on stage with Thomas Rhett and Hardy singing a little Garth Brooks.

Ingrid Andress sang her single “Wishful Drinking”

The Mavericks were ready to go “All Night Long” at Stagecoach 2022

Cody Johnson did his best Brooks & Dunn impression with Luke Combs

and Luke Combs closed out Stagecoach Festival 2022 Sunday night…

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